February 7 2020
Workshop: Changing the way climate change knowledge is communicated

July 12th 2019
Restitution of the needs assessment in terms of tools and training to adapt to climate change in the mid-mountain region

The purpose of OURANOS-AuRA is to set out the general issue of climate-environment-societal interactions at the scale of a climatic region. It fulfils the role of interface between the academic community and socioeconomic actors.

In view of the research capacities of the Rhone-Alpes Region, three strategic orientations have been chosen:

In response to these three major issues, researchers need to work in close collaboration with the local public partners and economic players of the territories studied. Only afterwards can they build scenarios and models using data obtained from observations in the field.


Ouranos CABesides the reference to mythology (he personified the sky), the name Ouranos-RA was chosen to forge a privileged link with the OURANOS Centre of Quebec which performs missions similar to those of the platform in the Rhône-Alpes Region (a consortium of 450 scientists and professionals who focus on the issues of climate change and their effects in Canada).