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Octobre 2021
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ACTIONS › Colloque national sur l'adaptation au changement climatique - jan 2021

After Bordeaux in 2017 and Marseille in 2018, Grenoble hosted the 3rd edition of the national conference on adaptation to climate change in 2021. Focused on sharing knowledge, experiences and solutions, the title of this conference was: Adaptation et atténuation, actions climatiques dans les terrtioires.

This conference is intended for all professionals involved in adaptation and mitigation at the national, regional and local levels: associations and citizens' groups, NGOs, researchers, local authorities, the State and local representatives, companies, experts, citizens, etc.

Due to the health context, the conference evolved in its modalities and was adapted to a remote format. The exchanges were no less rich. It took place from 25 January to 3 February 2021.

The themes addressed were the following:
affiche_colloque▸ Science-society interface to meet the challenges of adapting territories to climate change
▸ Collective commitment to transitions. Context and issues
▸ Water and tourism. Sharing local solutions for national issues
▸ Vulnerability of mobility infrastructures in a changing climate context
▸ Agriculture and forests. What practices for successful adaptation?
▸ Let's adapt our mobility. What are the brakes on behavioural change?

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